Author:  Lynne Biggs, St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School

This resource was contributed by Sian Parker and Orla Burke (Y3 teachers)

Age Group: Year 3 (7-8yrs)

 Approach:  A unit based around the similarities and differences between life in Sheffield and life in Choma, Zambia. In this unit, the children explored their own local area, and compared it to the town of Choma. We wanted the children to appreciate the link between themselves and the lives of other people; through learning about the children at Niza Trust School, we wanted our pupils to recognise the similarities and differences for people around the globe.

 Concepts:  Understanding and respecting differences, and relating these to our own lives; understand that the world is a global community; recognise the links between young people across the globe.

 Key words:  continent, country, county, city, features of a city, urban, rural, transport.  (map of Burngreave for the local area walk)

(map of city centre for the city centre trip and map work)

Google Earth

Google Maps

I pad app – Maps

Background information about the school

St Catherine’s is a RC Primary – with children from 3  to 11.  Our school is part of the Hallam Diocese.   There are currently 420 children on role.  We are based in the Burngreave area of Sheffield.

St Catherine’s is a Read Write Inc Model school, and Philosophy 4 Children is used across school.





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