Title: Mountains and the Global Dimension


Author:  John Waller, Dobcroft Junior School  

Age group: Year 5

Approach: A unit adapted from existing mountain planning to bring in more direct teaching of Geographical skills and to enhance the children’s awareness of the global dimension. The unit focuses on mapping, investigating the locality, asking and answering geographical questions, diversity and sustainable development.

Concepts: place, space & scale; diversity through respecting differences; developing a sense of awe; environmental impact on culture and society; sustainable development through future planning and conflict resolution.

Key Skills: ICT, Geography fieldwork

Key words: mountains, ICT, fieldwork, controversial issues, tourism

School Background:  Dobcroft Junior school is a large 3 form entry school on the outskirts of Sheffield with predominately white middle class children and a higher than average attainment.

Class Blog

Resourcing the unit

All of the teachers in Year 2 of the project group were asked to adapt the Planning for Geography and Global Learning PowerPoint – available here >>>  Please look for the link that says POWERPOINT

… and to answer the question: `How will I inform my thinking and find teaching resources about diversity  through the topic of …?’

John’s adapted PowerPoint presentation: Resourcing a teaching unit: Mountains

Teaching Sequence & Resources

Planning:  Mountains

Lesson 2: Where in the world

Lesson 3:  Asking Questions in the Local Area

Lesson4: Lhasa & Tibet Photo PowerPoint

Lesson 4: Lhasa photo

More Able Challenge


One of the main positives to come from this unit of work was the enthusiasm and passion for Geography it created within the children. The children were hungry to learn and excited about Geography lessons. One child asked me if it was Geography in the afternoon, when I responded no, it is art this afternoon his response was “Aww, I love Geography!” The longer version of the evaluation is well worth reading.  Read more >>>

Evaluation of the Mountains Topic


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