Title: Inspiring personal change through a geographical enquiry based on the Indian village of Chembakolli.

Author:  Zoe Silverwood, Jump Primary School, Barnsley

 Age Group: Year 4

Wall Display Approach:  We have been working to develop units of enquiry which integrate issues surrounding the Global Dimension with current Geography topics in school. This unit adapts a cross curricular approach including opportunities to develop thinking skills, writing, creativity and pupil choice. At the core of this unit are issues regarding global citizenship and change, using the story of the Adivasi people of Chembakolli to inspire change in school.


  • Global Citizenship, Human Rights, Connectedness, Place, Space, Scale and Change

Key words:  In this unit, children are likely to use:

  •  continent, country, settlement, village, city, hills, rivers, weather, climate, monsoon, human, physical, landscape, road, route, distance, airport, homes, houses, farming, agriculture, crops, industry, market, key, symbol, connectedness, global, citizen, change.

They may also use:

    •  market town, economic activity, trade, cash-crops, occupation, remote.
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Planning Starter

Teaching and learning activities

Blank World Map (You need to be a GA member to access this map – see `Join the GA’

How to get to Chembakolli (Blank Template)

Thought Bubbles  (Blank Template)


Action Aid

Google Earth 

Google Maps 

Background information about the school

JumpPrimary School is situated on the outskirts of Barnsley, South Yorkshire. It is a small village school with a current intake of 236 pupils. We have a one form entry and accommodate pupils mainly from the surrounding area. However, there are a small number of pupils who travel to us from neighbouring communities. Jump is an ex coal mining village situated close to a number of woodland and park areas. The school is a focal point for the community and caters for a wide range of abilities. Children tend to enter school below national expectations, but by the end of key stage two the majority have reached national expectations or are significantly above.


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