John Waller talks about his Global Geography work in school.

At the Global Geography Network Teacher Meet, held at DECSY on Tuesday 12th December 2013, John Waller of Dobcroft School Sheffield gave a 10 minute talk about his classroom…


Concentric Circles: Session 3

I really enjoyed meeting everyone at DECSY yesterday afternoon – thank you!

These flowers gave us inspiration to learn more about the world and our place in it.

These flowers gave us inspiration to learn more about the world and our place in it.

Here are the materials I used in my session about being aware of opportunities (in a school culture which fosters this awareness for all – children, teachers and all school staff, parents and the wider school community) to encourage global thinking around curriculum learning.  In my experience, my awareness has enabled me to pick up on chances I couldn’t have planned specifically in advance for – which doesn’t mean that we don’t anticipate where chances may occur.

Y1 and Dorothy’s Flowers

Blank Questions Ppt Slide

Ideas for teaching younger children about Geography and the Global Dimension

At the last session of the Geography and Global Dimension twilight session some teachers of younger children expressed concerns that we hadn’t focused enough on early years.  Here are some suggestions for where you might look:

Using Picture Books to develop geography & Global Citizenship 

Starting from a picture book – What if? (ESD)

Start Local Think Global  scroll down the page until you come to `If you’re not from the …’ and `When I went to the …’

Geography and Food

Journey’s Place and Landscape (Foundation Stage)

Africa: Your School, My School (Year 1)

Activities which use photographs

What's happening here?  What do you think might happen next?

What’s happening here? What do you think might happen next?

We held the second session of our dissemination twilights for teachers last night at Sheffield Development Education Centre where it was good to meet so many enthusiastic teachers from Sheffield schools.  Helen shared a number of activities which use photographs to develop critical awareness and challenge assumptions.

You can download her Word document here >>>  Photo Activities

Can you draw what might happen next?

Can you draw what might happen next?

In the Picture – using images to develop learning in geography and history

Something from Wendy with an ICT focus  (which we didn’t share last night but which might be useful:

Until I retired I regularly kept a blog called Everyday Geographies where I shared ideas and resources – a good place to start looking would be:

Map IT, Picture IT, Write IT   a presentation in two parts that I put together for The Education Show in London (2009).

Everday Geographies is worth a look as there are lots of useful resources/ ideas listed on the site.