Concentric Circles: Session 3

I really enjoyed meeting everyone at DECSY yesterday afternoon – thank you!

These flowers gave us inspiration to learn more about the world and our place in it.

These flowers gave us inspiration to learn more about the world and our place in it.

Here are the materials I used in my session about being aware of opportunities (in a school culture which fosters this awareness for all – children, teachers and all school staff, parents and the wider school community) to encourage global thinking around curriculum learning.  In my experience, my awareness has enabled me to pick up on chances I couldn’t have planned specifically in advance for – which doesn’t mean that we don’t anticipate where chances may occur.

Y1 and Dorothy’s Flowers

Blank Questions Ppt Slide


Four ways you could follow-up from the third twilight session of Geography and the Global Dimension

  1. Locate the page `Living Geography’ which is part of the Geography and Global Dimension On-line CPD unit and then plan an activity that involves fieldwork and the children you teach.
  2. Look at the case studies on this Blog site and choose one to adapt for your own teaching – they are all listed along the banner at the top of this page.
  3. Download the PowerPoint from the Planning and Resources Page of the GA CPD Unit and adapt it for a unit of work that you are going to teach – you will find examples of ways our teachers have done this if you check out the case studies.  You’ll find Zoe’s version for her Chembakolli Unit here >>>
  4. Share some of the work that you have done with your children so that we can build up a wider bank of case-studies.

Activities which use photographs

What's happening here?  What do you think might happen next?

What’s happening here? What do you think might happen next?

We held the second session of our dissemination twilights for teachers last night at Sheffield Development Education Centre where it was good to meet so many enthusiastic teachers from Sheffield schools.  Helen shared a number of activities which use photographs to develop critical awareness and challenge assumptions.

You can download her Word document here >>>  Photo Activities

Can you draw what might happen next?

Can you draw what might happen next?

In the Picture – using images to develop learning in geography and history

Something from Wendy with an ICT focus  (which we didn’t share last night but which might be useful:

Until I retired I regularly kept a blog called Everyday Geographies where I shared ideas and resources – a good place to start looking would be:

Map IT, Picture IT, Write IT   a presentation in two parts that I put together for The Education Show in London (2009).

Everday Geographies is worth a look as there are lots of useful resources/ ideas listed on the site.

First twilight dissemination meeting at Jump Primary School, Barnsley

We had a very good evening and the staff at Jump Primary were fantastic!  (Say thank you again to them from me Zoe.)  I changed things round a bit from my original programme, deciding that everything except the `Danger of a Single Story’ should go first.

So I began with a short introduction about the project- mainly for Lucy’s benefit as Zoe’s staff already knew something about the background.  I was able to flag up the online CPD unit on the Geographical Association website:


I then shared the address of this WordPress website/ blog and asked Zoe and John to say a little about their project – which they did as a quick overview.

Next, we talked about what we’d learnt from the project, i.e.  `Steps on our learning journey’ and then moved onto look at `The Geographical Questions’ that I had linked to our fieldwork visit around Wortley Village.  These can usefully be used in relation to places in our parts of the country/ world and our Year 2 project group found them very valuable. (They also enjoyed their fieldwork experience.)


We ended with the Danger of a Single Story, which went down very well with all of our teachers – we had some very positive comments at the end of the session which I felt had a significant impact on their thinking.  It will be good to see how they follow up this initial input.

Geography and the Global Dimension

A series of 3 twilights for primary school teachers, based on the highly successful teacher group project with the Geography Association.

Session 1: Introduction: The Danger of a Single Story
Choose one from the following dates:
16th January 2013: Jump Primary, Barnsley
17th January 2013: Watercliffe Meadow Primary, Sheffield
24th January 2013: Dobcroft Infant, Sheffield
Session 2: Case studies from local schools and planning
29th January 2013: DECSY, Scotia Works, Leadmill Rd, Sheffield, S1 4SE (with
access to DECSY’s resource centre and advice from project teachers)
Session 3: Global Citizenship: children taking action
26th February 2013: DECSY, Scotia Works, Leadmill Road, Sheffield, S1 4SE
These sessions (all 4.30pm – 6pm) will be facilitated by Helen Griffin & Wendy
North with support from the project teachers, who have all implemented
geography with a global dimension with their pupils this year.

Start Date

  • Wednesday 16 January 2013 (16:30)



How to Book

Contact Helen Griffin

Download the course flyer from this page >>>

The Geography and the Global Dimension team ran a workshop at the Geographical Association Conference 2012

Gemma, John, Zoe, Helen and Wendy attended the Geographical Association Conference in Manchester in April this year.  Our workshop was well attended 20+ participants and Gemma, Zoe and John shared some of the key moments/ ideas of their projects.  You can download their contributions to the workshop on the GA Conference Page.  Please look for the link that says Manchester 2012 and then scroll down the page until you come to  Workshop 6